Annual collection of my favourite mountain photos taken during the year.

Piz Segnas

Looking back along the approach to Piz Segnas from Segneshütte (left), the view from the summit (centre), and a wall of cloud rolling in on the descent (right).

Gross Spannort

An early morning approach to Gross Spannort along the Glatt Firn (left, centre), and the Gross Spannort spires from near Spannorthütte (right).


The Matterhorn holding clouds.
An icy ascent up the Hörnligrat (left), arrival at the Solvayhütte (right).
The summit ridge taken from the Italian side (left), watching a rescue at the Solvayhütte in descent (right).


Zinalrothorn seen from the Matterhorn Hörnligrat (left), in the dark along the southeast ridge (centre), crossing the south face at dawn (right).


Interesting cloud formations above Tödi as seen from the ascent to Clariden.